Calendula Oil - 25ml

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Calendula officinalis infused in certified organic olive oil. We grow our calendula organically without any sprays.

For cuts, abrasions & skin irritations. Promotes skin healing. For external use only.

Calendula is a popular skin healing plant known to herbalists for centuries. This amazing herb provides effective treatment for most minor skin problems. Can be used for cuts, scrapes, cracked and rough skin, varicose veins, red and inflamed skin, minor burns and sunburn, and rashes (nappy rash).

We handpick our calendula flowers and use only the outer ray florets which contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. Our guarantee of maximum strength and quality: oil infusion containing 3% of dried outer florets. No synthetic additives of any kind.

All genuine high quality calendula oils or creams will have a rich golden colour.  If not then you are not getting an adequate amount of the active ingredients in calendula.  And watch out for ‘calendula’ products that contain yellow colour additives simply to create the appearance of high strength.

You cannot buy a stronger calendula extract than this.