Coconut Oil : Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Extra Virgin - 4 litres

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4L pail. Wonderfully aromatic with a superb taste. Enjoy the health and dietary benefits of this nutritious oil.

No fermentation is used to extract the coconut oil - fresh is always best.

  • Product of the South Pacific.
  • 100% certified organic.
  • DME® Direct Micro Expelling*  (extra virgin coconut oil) 
  • Fair Trade eco-product**
  • Raw and unprocessed for full aroma and flavour. 
  • Not fermented.
  • Not hydrogenated.
  • No trans fats.
  • Rich in lauric acid (50%), capryllic acid and capric acid.

*DME (Direct Micro Expelling)

The coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts within 1 hour of opening the coconut using hand operated presses. This means that the coconut oil is supremely fresh as direct micro expelling avoids high temperature industrial pressing, hence the term ‘extra virgin’ for this superior grade of coconut oil.  You can go to this website for full details of the DME process used to make our coconut oil. 

**Fair trade status

At the present time there are no Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) protocols established for Fairtrade with coconuts.   However we work to three fair trade models which give fair trade status to our coconut oil. Please go to this website to see details of the fair trade status of our coconut oil.


  • Ideal cooking oil for frying or baking. Lovely for roasting potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, parnips and yams.
  • A natural spread to replace margarine or butter.
  • Delicious in salad dressings or smoothies.
  • A healthy and great tasting inclusion in your diet.
  • External use for skin care.

Long shelf life  - does not have to be refrigerated.   Coconut oil is very stable and resistant to rancidity but, like all oils, care should be taken not to introduce water into it (e.g., a wet spoon). This can reduce shelf life and even encourage mould to grow.

Nutrition Information

266 serves per jar.    per 15g serve            per 100g
Energy                             525kJ                3500kJ
Protein                               0g                      0g    
Fat Total                           15g                  100g
Saturated fat                  13.8g                    92g
Unsaturated fat                1.2g                      8g
Trans fats                           0g                      0g
Carbohydrate/sugar             0g                      0g
Cholesterol                         0g                      0g
Sodium                              0g                      0g

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    Fair Trade organic extra-virgin coconut oil

    Posted by Maureen on 25th Mar 2015

    I LOVE this product! It is the only oil I use for cooking. I also add it to my smoothies, to my muesli/porridge, I use it instead of butter, I moisturise my skin with it and occasionally I'll even eat it straight from a spoon! It is the best coconut oil I've tasted.